Building for the Future


Over the past three years, United Way Monterey County (UWMC) has acquired, created, and cultivated a meeting space for nonprofits and community organizations to gather and work together towards improving the lives of residents of our Monterey County.


We call this space the


In its first year, the Center hosted numerous nonprofit and community organizations benefitting over 1,000 participants. In 2023, we added state-of-the-art audio and visual technology. We are proud to have created a space that fosters collaboration and community engagement.


Now we aim to retire our bridge loan and expand our impact. Continue reading to learn more about the story of the Community Impact Center and how you can help us continue our work in Monterey County.


Exterior of the United Way Monterey County Community Impact Center




2024 Capital Campaign Timeline


During this phase, UWMC staff planned the campaign, set goals, identified stakeholders, and crafted a communication plan. Key milestones included forming the Capital Campaign Committee, completing a project needs assessment, identifying non-philanthropic revenue options, and outlining key messages.

The campaign was launched publicly, emphasizing goals, objectives, and vision. Major donors, like Taylor Farms, provided significant support with a matching grant, leading to achieving 100% of the fundraising goal by June 30, 2022. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in September, marking the campaign's success.

Phase 2 focused on leveraging the Monterey County Gives! campaign by acquiring resources for the Community Impact Center. Key milestones included support from over 100 donors, purchase and installation of state-of-the-art media equipment, and making these resources accessible to nonprofits and community partners.

Phase 3 aims to retire the remaining $300,000 bridge loan balance, ensuring financial stability for UWMC. This milestone allows UWMC to focus resources effectively, continue developing the Community Impact Center, and expand services and resources.




We now shift our efforts towards ensuring that our financial resources are directed towards community programs and initiatives rather than debt servicing and are excited to launch Phase 3 of the Building for the Future Capital Campaign.


Paying off the bridge loan is crucial for several reasons.
Loan repayment will enable us to continue to develop resources and capabilities within the Community Impact Center by expanding services and equipment such as media technology, computer labs, and digital access. Your contribution directly supports the collective mission of United Way to engage the community and allocate resources for the betterment of lives in Monterey County.




Naming rights are a unique opportunity that allows individuals or organizations to leave a lasting impact in our community and support United Way. By securing naming rights for a room in the Community Impact Center, you leave an indelible mark on UWMC’s legacy and in Monterey County. These named spaces not only serve as a recognition of your generosity but also provide a sense of pride and ownership. It's an incredible way to showcase your support while inspiring others to join in creating a positive and meaningful impact. There are currently five rooms available, all of which are highly visible to the Monterey County community.

Capital Campaign Naming Rights

*Thank you to Joseph & Elizabeth Heston for purchasing the first room in our Phase 3 Campaign!

For more information about Naming Right Opportunities, contact Lynda Patrick, Vice President, Resource Development at or by calling (831) 318-1973.





October 2022

Phase 2 of our fundraising efforts focused on acquiring resources for the Community Impact Center, such as state-of-the-art media equipment and heightened access to digital services which provide additional resources to support our community. Our Makerspace room - the largest of the meeting rooms - is now equipped with a 130" retractable screen, two 75" LED television screens, a Projector, Pendant loudspeakers, and microphone arrays. Our other conference rooms are also equipped with video meeting capacities. Additionally, the building increased it’s ADA compliance with an electronic ADA access door opener at our Monterey Street entrance.

See how the state-of-the-art technology has supported our community.





March 2022

Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign was a huge success and we proudly took ownership of the United Way Monterey County Community Impact Center on June 30, 2022. With the acquisition of the building, we were able to consolidate our offices into one location, creating a permanent center for community benefit. This has lowered our operating costs and generated more opportunities to meet the County’s needs efficiently.

The United Way Monterey County Community Impact Center is located in the heart of Oldtown Salinas at 232 Monterey Street. The Center hosts several conference rooms and meeting spaces available to like-minded nonprofit organizations operating in Monterey County. The Community Impact Center will continue to bring our partners together to address emerging needs, leverage resources, and create innovative solutions to serve our community.






The acquisition of the Community Impact Center was made possible by the support of our Legacy Donors, Emilie “Dolly” Koontz and Jack R. Killian. Their bequests totaled $2.5 million and were instrumental in creating the Center, which has helped us significantly pursue our mission.


In honor of their support, we have created a Legacy Wall to give tribute to them and all of the Legacy Circle donors. We will unveil this plaque on June 25, 2024. (More details coming soon.)


Learn more about becoming a Legacy Donor here.





Community Visionaries - $50,000 - $500,000

  • Mary Adams & John Bailey 

  • Chevron 

  • Harden Foundation

  • Joseph & Elizabeth Heston

  • Monterey Peninsula Foundation

  • Sally Hughes Church Foundation 

  • Tanimura Family Foundation 

  • Taylor Farms 

  • Nancy Eccles & Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation 

Community Champions - $25,000 - $49,999

  • Aneel Bhusri

  • Gary Ray & Katy Castagna 

  • The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Inc.

  • Bill & Nancy Doolittle 

  • Honest Engine Films 

  • Michael & Tobi Marcus

  • The Nunes Company

Community Leaders - $10,000 - $24,999 

  • 1st Capital Bank

  • Busch Family Foundation 

  • John & Mary Castagna

  • Central Coast Federal Credit Union 

  • Raymond & Catherine Costa

  • Community Foundation for Monterey County

  • Jackie Cruz

  • Steven River Gurtin & Diana Case Gurtin  

  • Leinette Limtiaco

  • Pacific Valley Bank

  • Salinas Valley Health

  • Jeff & Shannan Watkins

Community Builders - $5,000 - $9,999

  • Betsey & Stephen Pearson

  • Honorable Jonathan & Mrs. Holly Price

  • Rygg Family 

  • Glenn & Sheila Tanimura

  • TriCal Inc. 

Community Supporters - $1,000 - $4,999  

  • Sandi Eason

  • Rita & Luis Echenique Charitable Foundation 

  • Brett & Terry Harrell

  • Henry Hibino Farms, LLC

  • The Ann Mayer Hiller Memorial Fund

  • Ann Kern

  • Natividad Foundation

  • Clark Watkins & Charlotte Noyes

  • Steven & Ann Packer

  • Pierson  & Associates Ins.  

  • Monica & William Tovar

  • United Way Monterey County Staff

Community Members - $25 -$999

  • Yuri Charis Anderson

  • Anonymous 

  • Dr. Lew Bauman

  • James Bell

  • Socorro Bernal 

  • Valerie Chambers Blosser

  • Patricia & Eric Bosler

  • Teri Breschini

  • Deisy Castro

  • Dana Cleary

  • Brent & Maureen Eastman

  • Steve & Dorothy Emerson

  • Tina Engquist

  • Jacklyn Graham

  • Karen Harrell

  • Shari R Hastey 

  • Krystal Hernandez 

  • Kurt & Rebecca Hirsch 

  • Harry Horten

  • Warren & Vickie Hoy 

  • Taylor Jonte-Saiz 

  • Kalyssa King

  • Will and Michele Lewallen

  • Vivian Lindley 

  • Angel Mendoza

  • Michael McMillan 

  • Steve McShane

  • Benn & Elfriede Murray 

  • Lynda Patrick

  • Mayra Perez Diaz 

  • Brian Robinson & Barbara Carroll Robinson

  • Francine Rodd

  • Gabby Schlesinger-James

  • David & Amy Stocker

  • Sunkissed Co.

  • Celeste Williams & Peter Hiller



Capital Campaign Donor Wall for United Way Monterey County