Our Commitment to Racial Equity



April 2021

United Way Monterey County stands united in support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community and their grief over recent attacks and other hate crimes, cruelty, and discrimination. Today, as we mourn with the AAPI community, we stand resolute in condemning all forms of racism and hate.

We at United Way have committed to building better, stronger, and more equitable communities. To deliver on this promise we unite the voices, actions, and people of Monterey County to champion dignity, respect, and racial, ethnic, and social justice.  We are committed to sustaining a community where diversity, equity, and inclusion are valued and lived by every single resident of our County, demonstrated through our actions and decisions.

Together, we commit to continued work toward equality and equitable access that will only come from a Community UNITED

To learn how you can help stop acts of hate towards the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, visit Stop AAPI Hate, a national coalition documenting and sharing resources about anti-Asian discrimination.  
For Anti-Asian violence resources, visit anti-asianviolenceresources

Thank you for letting us stand united with you,


Katy Castagna
President and CEO



The senseless and brutal death of George Floyd has laid bare a deep wound in our society. This outrageous incident has sparked a movement for change. We stand in support of our neighbors who are peacefully speaking out for justice in the wake of racist violence. This dialogue may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary for us to end racism and the structural inequities that perpetuate it.

The disparities in our own Central Coast community are stark. Children of color have disproportionate access to food, safe housing, and education. This failure perpetuates generational cycles of poverty and victimization. The coronavirus pandemic has only heightened the barriers.

As a champion and catalyst for building strong, healthy communities in Monterey County, United Way stands for racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are nonpartisan and work in partnership across sectors to address disparities and drive change. We support early learning, help working people access financial services, and advocate for affordable housing, changing the trajectory for individuals and our collective community. We work to create more equitable access for all and are committed to reexamining our internal practices, grant-making and programmatic initiatives in service of this vision.

We cannot do it alone. Together we have the power to change the systems that perpetuate racial inequity. LIVE UNITED is so much more than a tagline. It is the essence of how we will endure and thrive as a community by confronting our crises, rather than letting the crises divide us.  

Katy Castagna
President and CEO