Lunch with a Leader- Lee Lorenzen


The Emerging Leaders Society (ELS) is excited to
relaunch the Lunch with a Leader Series.

To kick it off, we are happy to host the CEO of Altura Ventures, Lee Lorenzen to present his method and strategies to increase engagement and membership in a group or community such as ELS.

Learn about the art of persuasion and reciprocity
during the onboarding process to obtain
new members and even potential donors.

Join Us:

Tuesday, June 11th, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Community Impact Center
232 Monterey St. Salinas, CA 93901



12:00-12:10 Introductions and Lunch Served

12:10-12:40  Keynote Speaker: Lee Lorenzen

12:40- 12:50 Q&A and Wrap-Up

12:50- 1:00 Mix and Mingle


Lee Lorenzen is a serial entrepreneur who sold his first software company while still in college and then went on to work at Xerox and Digital Research on some of the first graphical user interfaces for personal computers.

For over 40 years, Lee has founded and/or funded 30+ startups (and projects) with significant, high-ROI, liquidity/growth events and invented numerous "hacks" including:

  1. Sales Tracking System – sold to Haggar, invented the first "inventory tracking hack" on VisiCalc

  2. LoneStar – built at Xerox, invented a "user interface hack" as part of the first graphical user interface on a 8086-based PC

  3. Ventura Publisher – sold to Xerox, invented a "smart release hack" so 3 engineers could stay ahead of 30+ engineers at Aldus

  4. Fractal Design Painter – sold in IPO

  5. Mac2Win – sold to, invented a "porting hack" to allow single source code development of 60+ Mac and Windows apps

  6. PGSoft – sold to Novell

  7. Adonomics – sold to Adknowledge

  8. Birthday Calendar – invented a "persuasion hack" for an early Facebook app leading to 2+ million users in 14 days

  9. IsoDraw – sold to PTC

  10. CatalogCity – invented a "link-off hack" to self-fund Google Ads and grow revenue from $8 million to $34 million in one year

  11. SHOP.COM – sold to Market America, co-funded by Lee Lorenzen, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos

  12. TapCloud – sold to Major Healthcare Company, startup's founding and early fundraising managed using Altura's GEM System

  13. MyChoice – invented a "flow hack" for UPS leading to 40+ million signups with $0 marketing spend

  14. WorldShop/ShopO – seed-funded by Lee Lorenzen and UPS

  15. Altura Ventures – founded by Lorenzen

Lee Lorenzen

His early career included positions at Xerox, where he developed the Lone Star graphical user interface, and Digital Research, where he developed the GEM (Graphic Environment Manager) operating system. Lorenzen’s involvement in desktop publishing included his first startup, Ventura. Following the sale of Ventura to Xerox, he founded and actively invested in a number of other startup computer companies, including Altura Software and the more recent Catalog City.


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