Active Referral Network


What is ARN?

The Active Referral Network (ARN) is a collaboration of community benefit organizations: education and training providers, financial institutions, housing organizations, child care educators, faith-based organizations, agencies that provide emergency food and shelter. These organizations coordinate services to help people reach financial stability, address the determinants of health and improve well-being. Partners work together to actively refer clients to each other’s services. They support clients to successfully complete the multiple services needed to reach their goals.

Smart Referral Software

The combined effect of the face-to-face meetings and the Smart Referral Software is twofold:  Network organizations spend more time programming and less time outreaching for clients.  Network beneficiaries increase access to the range up supports needed to achieve their goals.



  • Develop active referral partnerships with organizations in the community to help clients enroll and succeed in partner programs to reach financial independence.
  • Develop a “Culture of Collaboration” in helping families navigate the resources to reach financial stability.
  • Increase access to existing community resources and support program staff to spend more time programming and less time searching for clients


  • Improve people’s financial wellbeing as they increase income, save, and build assets.
  • Improve access to services so more people can navigate the resources needed to reach financial independence.
  • Improve program performance as clients will be supported by complimentary services to succeed.
  • Leverage United Way’s Smart Referral software to enhance partnerships, ensure referrals lead to services, and track outcomes through the Economic Mobility Continuum.


Monthly meetings include networking opportunities and thematic Panel Presentations on community services. Participants share information on existing services, eligibility requirements, and ways to make referrals.

For meeting schedules, and Active Referral Network questions: 
Contact Miriam Cordero:

Who Attends?

The Network is for front line staff, case managers, and program directors who want to learn how to actively refer their clients to services in the community and build partnerships with organizations to leverage resources.


Making A Difference Together

Chris Torre’s story reflects the power of collective impact and how a community working together can make a difference in a family’s life. Mr. Torre, a single father with three children, found himself homeless after a series of unfortunate events. As is often the case, homelessness was not the only problem. The family also experienced unemployment, lack of child care, and food and transportation barriers.

Chris Torre family

Several agencies within the Active Referral Network (ARN), a collaborative administered and managed by UWMC, helped the Torre family get back on their feet. As a first step, Mr. Torre was referred to a Prosperity Planner with Goodwill Central Coast, who helped him find shelter and employment. Meanwhile, Castro Plaza Family Resource Center worked with the North Monterey County Unified School District to arrange child care and access to transportation. The Housing Resource Center helped the family move to a new home and provided them with beds and furniture. Additionally, the children were given new school supplies from UWMC’s Stuff the Bus program.

“Along the way I have met some of the most humble people, who always went above and beyond their job descriptions. United Way Monterey County and Castroville Family Resource Center treated me and my kids like family. Thank you for all you guys do. I’ll forever be grateful” —Chris Torre

The Torre family is now in a permanent home and the children are attending school and thriving. They are grateful for the support provided by United Way and its partners and recognize the value of having a robust community network to rely on to ensure that they remain on their path to financial stability.