LIVE UNITED Service Awards

Nominate an outstanding volunteer!

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” — Muhammad Ali

The LIVE UNITED Awards are an annual United Way Monterey County event that celebrate and recognize volunteers for their contributions to our community in the priority areas of Quality Child Care, Affordable Housing, and Asset Building (educating families to be financially self sufficient).  Nonprofits, faith-based organizations, public agencies, schools and businesses may nominate a volunteer who provides service within Monterey County.

You may view the Nominee Evaluation form to view how each nominee will be judged.

The LIVE UNITED Awards Reception and Ceremony will be held on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 at the Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa.

  • Organizations may nominate either an individual or a team and organizations may submit multiple nominations.
  • Service must have been provided during Calendar Year 2017
  • A HIGH QUALITY digital photo (minimum 200 pixels per inch) of your nominee must be submitted at the time of application completion.
  • Each nominee will be recognized at the awards reception in April.
  • There is no fee to nominate your volunteer(s).
  • All nominations are due Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Late applications cannot be accepted.

If you have questions, please contact Lynda Patrick at 831.372.8026 ext 112 or email.

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Priority Areas

Quality Child Care

Brief sample of volunteer activities:  Margarita has been volunteering at her daughter’s pre-school for the past 18 months.  While she loves working with her child on early childhood development activities, she also provides other children with emotional support and assistance in developing basic learning skills, language development, problem solving, and sharing. She engages children in active play and outdoor activities.  She sings to children, reads aloud, and helps with arts and crafts.  Margarita has played a lead role in planning pre-school parent committee meetings.  She also created a parent support group that shares best practices in child development and how to cope with life with a three year old.  Margarita volunteered 300 hours in 2017.

Affordable Housing

Brief sample of volunteer activities:  For the past five years, Jason has led a team of volunteers who help low-income seniors, veterans, and others remain in their homes. Volunteers painted, remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, installed carpets, landscaped, and much more at more than 60 homes throughout Monterey County. By adding safety features and tackling deferred maintenance, volunteers increased the financial stability of the residents. For example, an 84-year-old woman can now remain in her home thanks to volunteers who added a ramp, bathroom grab bars, and safety rails around her house at no cost. Through his leadership, Jason increased the volunteer service days to once a quarter and expanded the reach to San Ardo.

Asset Building

Brief sample of volunteer activities:
A team of volunteers uses the food pantry at their church to provide information and connect families to asset building information and resources such as budget workshops, credit counseling, and information about financial aid and scholarships.
Individual: Tyler works with his son at his high school to support a team that develops a business plan teaching the students about finance, credit, marketing, and planning that the students can apply to future business interests, and their personal asset building.

How long has the nominee been an active volunteer in the community?


Use the criteria below to frame your narrative and provide enough detail so that someone unfamiliar with your organization’s work will understand the value of the nominee’s contribution.

Your description will be used to create a brief narrative to honor your nominee at the ceremony.


  • What community need(s) did your nominees’ service address?


  • What service did your nominee provide?
  • Provide details about how their volunteer service went above expectations.
  • How did the nominee’s activities show innovative or unique approaches to addressing serious social challenges?
  • How did they drive demonstrable and measurable impact?
  • How did they create sustainable solutions?


  • Did your nominee start new programs or initiate activities to address a need in the Agency or community?
  • If yes, what were they?
  • How has this initiative benefited the community/clients served?
  • How is your nominee a collaborative problem-solver?
  • How does your nominee demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and respect?
If your nominee did not initiate anything new, write N/A in the box


  • List specific examples of the positive impact and benefits achieved as a result of the activities and efforts of this nominee.
  • What is the nominee’s level of involvement?
  • Will their efforts change the system?
  • How did they scale up activities to address problems at larger levels?
  • Approximately how many people have benefitted from their efforts?


  • How much time did your nominee dedicate to this effort in 2017?
  • You may include details about their long-term service, if appropriate.


  • What else should we consider about this nominee?
A high quality digital photo (minimum 200 pixels per inch) must be submitted of your nominee at the time of application completion.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.