Career Opportunities

Director of Marketing and Communication

Responsible for the marketing, branding, media and public relations to positively position United Way within Monterey County. Communicates impact of United Way Monterey County (UWMC) to the community, donors, nonprofit organizations, partners and other supporters to increase resources, attract partners and build relationships to fulfill our mission. Full job description

AmeriCorps (Volunteer Infrastructure Program) VIP Fellow, Community Engagement

Instituted through the National Corporation for Community Service, AmeriCorps VIP Fellows carry out 1700 hours of community service by developing volunteer programmatic infrastructure. The United Way AmeriCorps VIP Fellow will increase the number of high-value volunteers providing needed services to nonprofit and educational organizations that serve children, youth and families. Additionally, the VIP Fellow will build capacity within the United Way’s volunteer program to provide the support, skills and resources volunteers need to be successful.  VIP Fellows work as a part of a team to coordinate volunteer programs and to coach and support a cadre of high-value volunteers. The VIP Fellows’ primary role is developing the United Way’s capacity to recruit, manage and recognize volunteers.  VIP Fellows spend time in the community building partnerships and forging lasting relationships. This position is a valuable opportunity to develop and apply leadership and community organizing skills to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, youth, their families, and the local community. Full job description here.

Community Engagement Coordinator

The Community Engagement Coordinator contributes to the efforts of United Way Monterey County by strategizing, creating, and executing community engagement activities that attract donors, potential investors, and corporate partners to volunteer throughout the year. This position is responsible for ensuring all events are executed with excellence by providing a superior experience for all involved, to grow relationships and increase the number of top UWMC partner volunteers from year to year, which in turn will grow awareness and funding for the organization based on the understanding of the importance of the model volunteer, advocate, and give. Full job description.