Disaster Relief Volunteer Program

Volunteer Overview:

United Way Monterey County has been designated by the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services (OES) as the agency responsible for managing Spontaneous Unaffiliated Volunteer (SUV) at an Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) in the event of a disaster. 

An SUV is anyone from the community who wants to volunteer to help and is not already certified by programs such as the Red Cross, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), or other organizations with pre-determined disaster response duties. The program is open to all local residents regardless of skills or physical limitations. Children under 18 are eligible when in the company of their parent or guardian. Groups are encourage.

In the event of an emergency, ensure your own safety and do not visit disaster sites. The EVC location will be announced through social media, email, website, and phone calls if possible. 2-1-1 will also have information about the location and volunteer efforts/opportunities.

For questions and more information, please contact Lindsay Peelman.