Campaign Toolkit

You share our belief that Monterey County can be a place where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.  You’re committed to making a difference and want your dollars to go where they will do the most good.  We get it.  We know that regardless of how hard they work, for many families in Monterey County, the cost of housing and child care makes it difficult to get ahead. For six out of 10 families with children, these two expenses account for 50% or more – often significantly more – of their monthly budget. 

That’s not good for any of us. That’s why United Way is taking the lead to tackle these two tough issues.

We’re already hard at work helping families gain access to quality, affordable child care.

  • We're providing pre-K students with an intensive summer program so that they are ready for kindergarten.

  • We’re expanding Migrant Head Start to ensure that farmworkers have child care throughout the growing and harvesting seasons.  

  • We’re partnering with Bright Futures to increase the number of quality, affordable child care options throughout the county.

The lack of affordable, quality housing for working families is affecting the health, safety and educational achievement of our residents. It also limits the productivity of our local businesses. That’s why United Way is investing in lasting solutions to this complex problem.  Our investment in the Monterey Bay Housing Trust (MBHT) will be matched 4:1 and will increase the number of available, affordable housing units in our community.

Your support means a lot.  We hope we can count on you to join us as we fight for the financial stability of families in our community. Working together, we know it’s a fight we can win.